I’m a single mom in NJ, here’s my story

I’m a single mom in NJ, here’s my story. My ex-husband has put me in a terrible spot. We were divorced 4 years ago. Last month, he filed for bankruptcy..for the2nd time. I pulled my credit report and found a couple of weird things. First, on 2 reports, my last address is the address that he is now living.

I never lived there. also, there are 2 judgments that were listed. 1 is a debt that during our divorce, he stated that he paid, the other is when he took one of our cars to work knowing that the car had no insurance and hit an electical pole, besides these 2 judgments, there are a lot of collections that were supposed to be taken care of by the charity care of our local hospital.

On paper, it looks like I am 14,000 in debt. I only make 23,000 a year and do not want to file bankruptcy. can anyone help me??? i need help quickly because i need to get a mortgage for my home that i have been living in for 9 years, and even though I only owe 60,000, if i dont’ get the mortgage, i may loose it. Thanks