I had a small SUV that I had to sell

Hi! I need some advice. I had a small SUV that I had to sell when I had my 3rd child as it was too small. We got behind on the payments because we were paying extra on it every month, and a lady at the company told me that all the extra we had paid equaled up to a payment so we could skip a pymt for a month, which we did. Then we found out that wasn’t true but by that time there was no way we could catch it up. We had somebody that was going to buy the car but then a guy showed up at our house from the company trying to get money.

He said that we were not allowed to sell the car, we had to give it back to them, and that if I gave it back they would sell it and I would not owe anything more. I wasn’t working at the time because I was pregnant. He also said if I didn’t have it there in the morning for them to pick up he would have the sheriff at my house with a warrant. So I got the car back and then they didn’t come get it.

It took 3 phone calls over 2 weeks before they finally came and got it. They they sold it for less than I owed and so now they say I owe over 3,000.00 and they are taking me to court this month. GMAC who I got the car from, says that they have written it off to bad debt and they sold the account to the lawyer who is on the papers, however the lawyer says that that is not so, they are representing GMAC. The cout papers say GMAC vs. me.

If GMAC did sell it to them, is it legal for the lawyer to put the lawsuit in their name and how do I find out who is telling the truth? I only work 1 day a week so I can not afford a lawyer to help me. And I cannot prove any of what that man told me in court, it is their word against mine. Thanks

I Had the same with Chrysler, I had a 23,000 van and they repoed it and sold it 2 years later for 16,000 then 3 years later they contaced me saying i owe them 22,000 because of interest court and other fees. You need to set up a payment (no interest)with them. Barganing is your best option or loan to pay that debt off. Me personally, I couldn’t see paying 22,000 for something I don’t have, so I’m filing Bankruptcy.

What state are you in? Here in Michigan there is an agency called Legal Help, which provides free legal help. There might be a waiting list and it’s not easy to get in touch. Try calling a toll free number for attorney/lawyer referral. Most lawyers will give a free fifteen or twenty minute meeting and they might be able to give you advice. Others will charge a modest fee of $20 or $50. I once had one do the needed work pro bono (free!). Also check out the local court building. In the city here the district court has an office where they give legal advice on how to fill out forms, where to get forms, and other questions. I forget what the place is called but they were really helpful for me.