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Another way to shore up cash

Started in 14 with 30 k in cc debt. Went thru Dave Ramseys financial peace university. I’m the lady whose 47 yr old dh has had 2 strokes and open heart surgery and is completely disabled since april 14.. I really could relate to the lady posting about the $ fights- that’s all we did before dh’s strokes. Now its very different. Just sent 7 k to MBNA to charge off- settle a cc for 11k. I see the end of the tunnel and all it is is peace. We live on his disability check and the couple nights a week I work part time. Dh cant really be left alone.

A couple points I really want to make. We will have the last 6 k paid off in next couple mos with tax refund.

The points:

  1. Ramsey said that when you start doing smart things with your $ good things start happening. And its true- out of nowhere pay raises- inheritances- you name it- they really start happening.
  2. I joined “the million dollar club” on Bryan C. Fleming’s blogspot. Its simple: Under your dresser scarf you start 3 piles of $. Every am you lift it and in ea pile you place 1.00. One pile to save one to invest and one to give away. I cant begin to tell u how cool this all is. The other day I counted approx 120 in ea of first 2 piles. And its nice to be able to bless somebody with a few singles from pile
  3. The dresser scarf is getting really lumpy. And its a lot of fun- watching the $ grow instead of being sucked out like a vacuum and ALWAYS broke!
  4. An added bonus- when you start becoming free you start feeling intelligent. The mental pistol whippings stop and life becomes sweet. All blessings to you!

Good for you! It is nice to hear someone is getting ahead of the game. How relieved you must be to feel better. You are correct that you can think better when you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, because when you are stressed, a person makes bad judgements to try and get ahead that they would not normally do.

I am in my 50’s have a good job, Just went through a divorce, my dad was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and lives 2000 miles away and I can’t afford to go see him, my daughter just had a precious little girl and I am trying to help her financially and I am losing my home and car to repo. I have no one to turn to for help, because I will not tell family, because my dad is so ill and I don’t want to be a burden.

My x- is still living at the house, because he asked to stay till after Christmas and he lost his job and didn’t tell me and didn’t pay the bills he was suppose to be paying and I can not kick him out, because he does not have any where to go. So now I have to support him toooooo.

Talking about no light at the end of the tunnel. When I found out he lost his job and I had no other ends to make bills I did something really awful.

Everyone has always depended on me for help and I can’t help them any more. I can’t even help myself, because of the mistake I made taking out the loans.

So, when I read about someone else that is getting ahead, my heart goes out to you, because “I understand”.

Savings you money

This is probably off the subject of costco or sams savings you money but I know that one year I was living in another state and had gotten a costco membership and had it for several months without really purchasing anything I called and explained this to them since a friend told me that she had spoken with them to about the problem but they refunded my entire membership fees.

When I went to do this she explained they will always refund the fees for customer satisfaction. maybe you can find out if they still do this.

I know sams club has once in a while mail flyers that you can get a one day pass and just pay 10% above for items purchased than. I dont have a costco in the state im in now so dont know if they have the same thing.