credit cards

37 and 45 are not over the hill

37 and 45 are not over the hill. Even though you have filed bankruptcy, life is not over and you can rebuild your credit! Pay your essentials on time. Start a savings account and don’t get into debt again.

Over time your credit will improve. Even though BK stays on your report ten years creditors are not going back that long. They are going to look at what has been going on during the last few 2 or 3 years.

My own situation is much much worst, i have about 10 credit cards almost US$15,000, most of this cards when i pay only minimum amount due on all my cards so i have to bear the interest rate of 3.5%per month or an APR of 42%. Our country does not protect debtors like me. I could not even meet now my minimum amount due, i had to resort to cash advance from my credit card to avoid late payment dues and maintain my credit standing. I am so much affected, i am already in a prison without bars. very depressing.

Can you renogiate for zero interest rate and roll over your old debt? Use it as leverage against the companies you now have a credit card with?