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TopOption Reviews

Review of TopoptionBinary options trading is still a relatively recent entrant into the global trading market. Binary options has gotten more publicity of late with the popularity of online trading websites In particular, newcomers to trading and investing often find binary (“yes/no”) options trading to be an easier way to begin investing.

Introducing Top Option
Top Option is one of many websites offering binary option trading today. However, they stand apart from the pack for one simple reason: Top Option is the first EU (European Union) regulated and licensed online binary trading website in the world. In a relatively new form of investing that is still largely unregulated and thus un-policed, this counts for a great deal in terms of investor safety and security.

Top Option’s Position on Investment Risk
Top Option’s website prominently states that “trading binary options carries a high level of risk.” But frankly, so does any type of investing. With investing, you are attempting to beat the market at its own game – predicting whether the investments you choose to make will outperform those you passed on. In this way, investing and gambling are sometimes seen to be synonymous.

However, Top Option’s efforts to earn EU regulation and licensing and its prominent risk warning speaks for itself in earning this site top marks in the binary options trading field. As well, Top Option maintains an extensive resource library that is on par with other well-respected investing websites today.

Top Option’s In-House Trading Options
Top Option is designed to get even novice investors up and running quickly. Unlike futures, junk bonds and other notoriously high risk “traditional” investing options, binary option trading risks are consolidated into one simple question, “Yes or no?” In other words, what is your prediction for this investment, that stock, this mutual fund, that bond after you have done your own research and study?

So here, the major difference is that the predictions you are making relate not to months or years, but to seconds or minutes. To make answering the “yes or no” question even easier, Top Option has developed a number of trademarked trading options, including Rollover, Double-Up, Stock Pair, Trading Trends, Buy Me Out, Speed Master, Touch/No Touch, One Touch, ProOption and others. Novice investors find these options especially useful, since time is of the essence when it comes to success in binary options trading!

Top Option’s Extra Features & Perks
In addition to all of the above, as a global trading website Top Option also provides multi-language support, personalized guidance for each trader, an incredible range of online training and education materials (videos, webinars, e-books and one-to-one training), live streaming news feeds, daily and weekly investment reports, ongoing market updates and a real-time economic calendar.

A Word About Regulation and Oversight
In addition to Top Option’s licensing and regulation through the EU, Top Option is also licensed and regulated by CySEC, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. When you trade with Top Option, you receive the full transparency and protection of all traders under the EU. You also receive the highest level of privacy and security for your sensitive personal and financial data.

Getting Started with Top Option
It is very easy to begin investing with Top Option. First, you need to choose your type of account (there are 3 options to choose from based on how much you wish to invest). Regardless of your membership choice, you never pay any fees or commissions on your trades. Best of all, minimum deposits to open your trading account start at just $100, making Top Option accessible even if you only have a little bit to invest right now.

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TopOption Binary Trader

TopOption Binary Trader


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            • – Minimum Deposit: $200
            • – Minimum Trade: 10
            • – Support Options: Keystone
            • – Signup Bonus: $6000
            • – Demo Account: Yes