Can Betting in Binary Options Trading be considered as Gambling?

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Trading in binary options is all about winning or losing. This makes a large number of people see it as gambling due to the fact that they do not know whether they are going to win or lose. The question that often arises is whether betting on binary options is about going in blind for a win or loss. If your answer is yes, then it can certainly be seen as a different form of gambling. If you say no, then another question arises and that is what is left in binary options.

If you say it is a form of gambling, then you are wrong. For instance, a gambler walks into a casino and places bets on a certain game without knowing the outcome and any research that he has done before is worthless as it does not increase his chances of winning. However, in binary options, research can be conducted by traders on the past and present performance of an asset so that a structured payoff can be made.

A proper binary option trader will deal with each trade only after complete analysis professionally and technically. Every possibility that can occur is looked at closely during and after a trade. After certainty from ever source is made that a significant profit can be made and the loss is small, a trader will go ahead and make sure that he is not taking a gamble with his assets. This is because he has made sure that every possibility and every risk has been taken into account before trading binary options.

However, if one goes for binary options trading without any knowledge, it can be considered as a gamble. Blindly going in for a trade of binary options without proper research or analysis is a gamble as one does not know what the outcome will be, I cannot emphasize how important it is to stock up on knowledge, and that’s why I’ve posted a list of things you must know before trading binary options , be sure to read everything you can get your hands on!

Is All Day Trading a Good Strategy for a Day Trader?

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Experienced day traders all have a different strategies, honing in on the one that works best for them after years of trail and error. While it is important to always experiment for yourself, one famous day trader has recently come out, after his years of experience, and ruled: for the day trader, all day trading activity is inefficient and overall a poor strategy.

Are you trading commodities, stocks or futures or forex? There are certain key times when these various investment options are the most active. It is during these key times that trading is most effective. For those used to trading morning, evenings and afternoons, this can be a bit of shock. But adapting a more conservative trading strategy can really pay off. If there is movement and volatility, that’s the time for action.

While it seems counter intuitive, staying away from all day (let’s call this “crock pot” or “slow cooker” trading) is inefficient. While there may be slightly more money to be made using this process, the overall trend, when viewed over a long period of time, is decreasing profits. Jumping in, then out, while there is action (Let’s call this “searing” trading) will provide, during that time, enough of a profit to stay above.

All day trading, like our slow cooking analogy, requires long term energy. It’s true for your kitchen, and more importantly, it’s true for your brain. All day mental focus, for hours at a time, requires great stamina that many of us are not capable of continuing. A tired brain is one that makes mistakes. When dealing with large sums of money, mistakes can and are very upsetting.

Perfecting your skills and jumping in and out is a strategy that practiced day traders have learned. Take the time to read and study is this trading procedure could work best for you.

Debacle Clarified: The Difference Between Binary Options trading and Forex trading

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The online trading and Forex, securities market is getting diversified and flooded with new products, deals and packages each day. It is never easy to understand a product or a financial solution until one starts to actually invest or start using it to make money or invest in. I found that it’s always easier to read a little before you make a decision. I have seen many an online details  and comparisons online on binary options trading and forex. Many of these provide an analysis but no clear demarcation or understanding of how the two work. As a common person one needs to read something much simpler language to make sense beyond the technical cliché.

Binary options trading means you have two options, just what the word binary stands for the numeric two. In. The return is usually known before one makes a buying decision. You have two options, call/up or put down depending on how and when you can trade your stock options or investments. Before you make any purchase, make sure you read the policy document in detail and ask all questions that are on your mind. It is important to have clarity of the product and binary trading options you are planning to invest in.

Forex or foreign exchange as the name suggest is related to dealing with currencies and trading of currency of global level. Financial centers around the world deal in buying and selling of currency and this causes lot of changes and relative values of currencies globally. Forex assists’ and affects the international trade and investment by enabling and affecting the global finance, trade and monetary transactions along with imports and exports.

If you are a investor, a newbie in the market you would feel comfortable investing in binary options trading since you have no deliberations to make and an expert can always help you out. You can make choices without having to analyze too much. In this case, you should focus on maximizing your return on investment and prevent losses.

Whereas if you are going to invest in FOREX, you need to be a hardened player with experience and understanding of the the dynamics of the market, you can always make more informed choices based on experience and trend analysis. In case of binary options, you know your returns and you have to take the decision and make the choice. In case of FOREX trade, you only contemplate and returns are never defined and based on the past trends you make choices and know your return at the end of the day when the market closes. Both options have their merits and give returns. Make a choice based on your risk appetite.

Don’t Take Off the Weekend…It May Cost You Big

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American-centric investors have a lot to learn if they think that taking the weekends off is a sound strategy when working with binary options.
If relishing Saturday and Sundays off is your way of trading binary options you may want to examine what you are missing. For Americans it is hard to conceive of societies that may operate on different days of the week. It is understandable to envision that certain markets are operating on your Saturdays and Sundays, but this is the case. Examples of these markets include:

  • DFM Index – The Dubai Financial Market
  • Kuwait Stock Exchange – Represents the Kuwait Stock Exchange
  • Tel-Aviv 25 Index – The major stock exchange in Israel
  • Tadawul Index –The stock exchange in Saudi Arabia

When trading options with 30 or 60 minute expires, trading over the weekend has distinct advantages. If everyone else is snoozing late in bed, you have the opportunity to sneak in and buy and sell orders in relative peace and quiet.
Remember that for exchanges and brokerage houses that are not open on the weekend, your transaction may not go forward until Monday morning their local time.
Some other platforms will allow trading of “Above Below and/or Up Down” binaries when the expiry is either 30 or 60 minutes. There are also brokers that deal in “touch binary options” These have an expiry on the following Friday.
Trading on the weekends can be a prudent move if you are interested in specific trading. It pays to investigate this “pro” plan…as long as you are not tied from all that weekend partying over to make great decisions!

How the News Affects your Binary Options Trading

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One of the best tips any options trader can give you is to keep a close eye on the news. This not only includes the financial markets, but also the news in general. But what kinds of news should you be watching and how should this influence your investment strategies?

Binary options are affected by the economic outlook. It should be note that the following and general maintenance of a financial calendar is essential. This allows you to stay abreast of all of the announcements that will most certainly affect the binary options market.

But while the standard announcements may be a foregone conclusion, there are certain overlook sources of important information. Take for instance, a scheduled speech by a Federal Reserve committee member. Or, perhaps there is an announcement by the Fed Chairman who is making quarterly statements. This information is an important part of your understand of the overall financial health of the system.

Another important number to keep in mind is the macroeconomics data. This is constantly being released and while it may seem hard to keep up with, as a total it paints a fairly accurate and useful picture of the health of the economy.

Calendars with these key dates and the ability to help you track these important pieces of data are available through some of the key financial news outlets. Smart investors know that knowledge is power, don’t you get caught by surprise.

BeeOptions Review

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Hi there! My name is Steven McGill and I’m a professional trader with 10+ years of experience in trading. I’ve spend a lot of my time in front of the markets, I study their behavior, I try to understand what they intend to do and share this information with my friends. Enjoy!

BeeOptions review

Reviews of BeeOptionsBeeOptions is a friendly web-based binary options trading website that focuses on providing its customers with convenient options. The company is partners with SpotOption, which is a popular binary options platform that has been in business since 2008. BeeOptions provides a wealth of options for new and old traders on its site. No one ever has to download and products or software because the site is completely web based and available for immediate access.Opening an AccountAn interested person can open an account with BeeOptions in less than five minutes. The person will visit the site’s home page and click on “open an account.” The person will have to submit personal information such as his or her name, email address, country, password, phone number and the like. Entering a CAPTCHA code is necessary to get to the “submit” button. The person can begin trading once the account setup is complete and he or she makes the initial deposit. Newcomers will need to make deposits of at least $250 before they can start to trade. The minimum trade amount for a single transaction is only $5, which is extremely convenient for a person who has limited resources.

Bonuses and Promotions

The site currently has a few promotions and incentives that are appealing to investors. The first bonus is for people who wish to invest $2,500. Such people can enter a contest to win a luxury vehicle. Another promotion that is currently running on BeeOptions is a 250 percent bonus with a deposit of $1,000. New traders can get two free trades with an initial deposit of $500, as well. Two free trades equal two free chances to win a hefty return. Furthermore, current members can refer people to the site and earn up to $50.

Returns and Earning Potential

The earning potential is more than fair at BeeOptions. The rate is a percentage of the initial investment, and it will be an amount between 50 and 85 percent. BeeOptions return amounts are competitive as compared to several of the top-running binary options trading platforms.

Deposits and Withdrawals

BeeOptions offer several ways for a person to make deposits and withdrawals on the site. Interested persons can make deposits on the site by wire transfers, credit cards, epayment cards and more. No maximum deposit exists. They can conduct withdrawals free by credit card, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $200.

Trading Options

Many investors appreciate BeeOptions because of the wide variety of trading options it provides. The site offers trading on currencies, commodities, indices and stocks. The trading styles that it offers include styles such as High/Low, Pairs, Sixty Seconds, One Touch and Spotfollow. Sixty Seconds trading is a style for people who appreciate the excitement of a fast-paced process. Spotfollow is a system that includes following and monitoring other traders to mimic their trading styles. High/Low is a simple trading style in which the investor guesses whether something will move up or down in price.

Overall Review

Overall, BeeOptions is a convenient and accommodating trading site. The platform is easy to navigate and simplified for any brand new users that may be trading. BeeOptions provides tons of options and trading styles, which makes people flock to the site instead of visiting competitors. Users have rated BeeOptions with a star rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars, which is way above average. Traders can feel confident signing up with BeeOptions because it appears to offer a stable and reliable place where investors can try a wide variety of trading styles. Interested parties can create an account today.

BeeOptions or BossCapital – 2015 Review

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Two of the latest entries into the Binary Options Trading realm are BeeOptions and BossCapital. Both use a standard template and the SpotOption trading platform offering the four basic asset types of commodities, Forex, indices and stocks. Here is a binary options review of BeeOptions vs BossCapital.
Boss Capital or Bee Options

Busy as BeeOptions

Since 2008, BeeOptions at ( has been attracting those who are as “busy as bees” for binary options trading. The site (headquarters officially in Dublin) takes US clients with a minimum deposit of 250 AUD/CAD/EUR/GBP/USD and minimum trade of 25 units. The payouts are up to 85%.

The website page offers tabs for “Market Review,” “Trading Manuals,” “Guided Tour” and “Promotions.” One promotion offers 2 x risk-free trades when you refer a friend. Trading types are High/Low, 60 Second, One Touch and Pairs. “Rollover” and “Double Up” are offered too.

There are more than 120 assets available – above average for the industry. The BeeOptions accounts are Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Executive.

The major credit cards are accepted. Customer support is 24/7 via phone, email, Live Chat or Skype. Six languages are supported – English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. There are plenty of positive testimonials for BeeOptions.


Solid range of assets


Wire withdrawals processed once a week requiring 200 units minimum

Be the BossCapital

Since 2014, BossCapital at ( has been a solid, no-frills template for trading binary options. BossCapital (headquarters officially in London) takes US clients with a minimum deposit of 200 units EUR/GBP/USD and minimum trade of 10 units. The payouts are up to 85%.

The website has “Quick Start” and “Academy” tabs making it ideal for beginners. Trade types are Call/Put, OneTouch, 60 Seconds or Boundary. “Rollover” and “Double Up” are available.

With only about 70 underlying assets available, BossCapital has limited offerings. Boss account packages include Mini, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Mini Corporate. The bonuses for first deposit are ample with 3 x free trades on the higher level accounts.

The major credit cards are accepted, along with wire transfer, MoneyBookers and other money systems. Customer support is via email, phone or Live Chat. Languages supported include English, French, German and Italian.


Quick start
Fast no-hassle withdrawal


Few assets to trade, but adding more

BeeOptions vs BossCapital Head-to-Head

Both of these Binary Options Trading systems have received positive reviews. There are few that really describe the systems as remarkable, superior or exceptional. Most of the features offered are fairly vanilla for the industry.

BeeOptions has an impressive list of assets, which can keep traders interested. Its template is solid, but not too flashy. It is easy-to-use.

BossCapital allows traders to get started quickly. The asset list is somewhat small, but new assets are continually being added. Remember, Boss only started in 2014. BossCapital might be better for new traders than BeeOptions.